Raw Material and Chemical Sourcing Specialists

Multichem simplifies the chemical sourcing process, saving you time and money.

A faster, more reliable way to source fine and speciality chemicals

Multichem operates as a raw material and chemical sourcing specialist in multiple market segments across multiple industries.

A large focus of the business is to source and supply APIs into the pharmaceutical and compounding industries, which due to our recent SAHPRA licensing, makes us one of only 2 importing companies allowed to do so.

This includes not only APIs, but raw materials for API synthesis and ingredients for the Complimentary Alternative Medicine sector.

Multichem also sources within many other manufacturing sectors, including the food, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical fields, as well as animal health, niche agricultural additives and various other technical industries.

Multichem frees up your resources to help you focus on your core business, and move away from the time-consuming process of sourcing chemicals and vetting manufacturers.

A word from our customers

Fine Chemicals Corporation has a successful association with Team Multichem stretching back more than twenty years. Efficient, transparent and knowledgeable.

Joanne Wood – Head of Department: Supply Chain

Fine Chemicals Corporation (Pty) Ltd, A Division of Aspen Pharmaceuticals

The service and effort from the Multichem team is matched by few other South African companies and they have been instrumental in the growth of our own business.

Dr Hannes Malan – Managing Director

Chemical Process Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Thank you Multichem team for your fantastic service over the past twelve years. It is only a pleasure dealing with you.

Quintin Verloop – Pharmacist

Lycoderm Laboratories (Pty) Ltd

Multichem has always provided us with excellent, prompt and highly efficient service. They always go the extra mile, truly a company which you can rely on.

Tertius Uebel – Responsible Pharmacist

Fagron, Cape Town

Multichem Sourcing has added value to our business, as it has assisted us with the sourcing of products from alternative suppliers, access to which we would not ordinarily have, and this has allowed the sourcing efforts to be optimised in terms of cost reduction, alternative sources and working capital reduction.

Shahed Salley – Procurement Manager

ChemSystems, A division of AECI Chemicals

Why choose us?

Choosing a chemical sourcing specialist over a trader can bring numerous advantages to your business. Here's a detailed breakdown of the benefits:

Sourcing - Pros

Customised sourcing solutions
We understand that one size does not fit all. We work closely with you to tailor solutions that meet your specific requirements. This ensures you get the exact chemical components you need for your operations.
We prioritise your needs and preferences. We are dedicated to providing a seamless and personalised experience, ensuring that you are satisfied with the products and services you receive.
Flexibility (Pack, Spec, Lead time)
We offer flexibility in terms of packaging options, specifications, and lead times. This adaptability allows you to align your chemical procurement with your production schedules and unique requirements.
We believe in open and transparent communication. You'll have clear insights into the entire sourcing process, from supplier selection to order fulfilment. This transparency builds trust and confidence in the partnership.
No out-of-stock surprises
With a sourcing specialist, you'll have visibility into stock availability from multiple suppliers. This reduces the risk of unexpected out-of-stock situations, ensuring a consistent supply of chemicals for your operations.
Current market price, not average stock price
Sourcing specialists provide pricing based on the current market conditions, giving you a fair and competitive rate. This ensures you're not overpaying for your chemical supplies.
Limited exchange rate exposure
By working with a sourcing specialist, you can minimise your exposure to fluctuating exchange rates. They have strategies in place to mitigate currency risks, providing more stability in your procurement costs.
Regular feedback/updates on order arrival
You'll receive timely updates on the status of your orders. This proactive communication keeps you informed about the progress of your chemical procurement, allowing you to plan accordingly.
Communication – open & honest
Sourcing specialists foster a culture of open and honest communication. They value feedback and are responsive to any concerns or queries you may have throughout the sourcing process.
Stock availability transparency – multiple suppliers
With access to a diverse network of suppliers, sourcing specialists can provide clear visibility into stock availability. This multi-supplier approach ensures a robust and reliable supply chain.

Trading - Cons

Defined Product List & Fixed Pricing
Traders typically offer a limited range of products with fixed pricing. This may not align with the specific needs and preferences of your business.
Traders may prioritise specific products over understanding and meeting your unique requirements.
Rigid logistic requirements
Traders may have rigid logistical requirements that may not align with your operational needs or schedules.
Limited Transparency
Traders may not always provide full transparency into their sourcing and pricing strategies, which can lead to uncertainty in your procurement process.
Stocks limitations
Traders may have limited stock availability, which can lead to delays or disruptions in your supply chain.
Minimum order quantity
Traders may impose minimum order quantities, which could be impractical or unnecessary for your business.
Limited suppliers
Traders may have fewer supplier connections, limiting your options and potentially impacting the reliability of your supply chain.
Corporate with red tape/processes
Dealing with traders within large corporations may involve navigating bureaucratic processes, potentially slowing down the procurement process.

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