Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

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SAHPRA License and SAPC Accreditation

SAHPRA and SAPC Accreditation are vital credentials within South Africa’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

SAHPRA guarantees stringent regulatory compliance for health products. This ensures the safety and quality of health products, providing customers with pharmaceuticals of the highest standard.

SAPC Accreditation upholds the professional standards of pharmacy practitioners, assuring customers of competence and ethical conduct. These accreditations instil trust and confidence in customers, guaranteeing that products and services meet stringent regulatory standards.

Acquiring these accreditations showcases Multichem Sourcing’s commitment to safety, quality, and legality, bolstering trust with our stakeholders and positioning our business as an industry leader.

We don’t only supply a product but a product solution, specialising in all aspects of sourcing, including supplier auditing and verification, compliance, importing, storage and distribution of APIs, and working to the requirements of Drug Master Files (DMFs) and medicine registration.

SAHPRA Certificate

Why Choose Multichem for API Sourcing?

  • 34 years of industry specific experience
  • Proven Track Record in API Sourcing – for both the ingredients used to manufacture APIs as well as APIs themselves
  • We are Sourcing specialists, not just Traders
  • Specialists in vetting/auditing, ensuring compliance to your specifications
  • We have long standing relationships with a broad network of suppliers which we can leverage to offer multiple supplier options.
  • We offer flexible pack sizes and order quantities, tailoring orders to your requirements.
  • Our long standing experience of sourcing niche products.
  • Will warrant the quality of what you receive vs. what you requested, with full recourse
  • Offer a transparent process with all supplier certification available where relevant
  • Licensed as a wholesale pharmacy by SAPC and one of only 2 SAPHRA licensed API importers – licensed as a API importer, wholesaler and distributor.
  • Offer innovative ordering solutions – staggered ordering to assist customer cashflow & warehousing
  • Supply according to customers’ requirements be it warehousing space, cash flow or price.
    • Different options include bulk ordering with call offs in order to get bulk pricing of a large order but only paying for small quantities at a time.
    • In cases of space constraints, call offs from our warehouse on their monthly or weekly requirements.
    • Consignment stock – stock is on hand, avoiding delivery and warehousing costs /delays – invoiced monthly on usage only. This assists in always having stock on hand as well as cash flow by only paying for what you need.
    • Varying payments terms
  • Qualified personnel Natalie Gerhardt Hons (BSC) Biochemistry, Sanan Desai responsible pharmacist B. Pharm (Hons) plus 2 additional deputy pharmacists.

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